If the practice of Open Source Religion is principally based in

  1. Accepting the Solum Axiom – you are the architect of your belief system,
  2. engaging the consciousness to be watchful of your beliefs, and
  3. editing your beliefs as you see fit,

then it stands to reason that there is an ultimate goal to which the practice of OSR points. I could be wrong about this, but I can’t imagine someone actively editing their beliefs to be less of who they ultimately wish to be. I believe the only logical conclusion is that each of us intends to become a more accurate manifestation of our Ultimate Self. The Ultimate Self being a mental model of our idealized personality, state of being, etc. This is ritualized by the MyMythos project in The Northern Star Ritual.

Granted, many people will not consciously have designed an Ultimate Self, and will not consciously be pursuing that dream. But still, to constantly edit one’s beliefs in the effort of self-improvement does support the theory of working toward that goal, regardless of intention.